Sébastien Le Clézio


“Illuminating the intensity of the bonds between humans, testifying, with respect, of their sufferings, of their joys, Sébastien Le Clézio, made it the dynamic of his photographic work. Because they fight against isolation, help the most vulnerable and defend the rights of minorities, he often works with associations and NGOs, in France and abroad. As a child, in the darkroom of his image-loving uncle, he loved watching life reveal itself in development tanks and dreamed of traveling the world. He won his bet. The operture of his camera is also about opening up to others and the world, in 
search of a meaning to give, always to dig. ” Valérie Di Chiappari, editor-in-chief, Faire Face magazine, APF France 

Kenya AIDS


In the Mathare slum, 700 patients are treated by teams from the MSF AIDS clinic. I wanted to show life in this clinic, in particular by following a couple during their medical examinations for AIDS screening, then by taking portraits of patients who are benefiting from ARV treatment and who have regained their health and returned to their former lives. But it just hangs by a thread: access to essential medicines. MSF’s long struggle continues today. With Doctors Without 
Borders. Nairobi, Kenya. March 2005.

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