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On the ground photography with an expository vision and social criticism.


"It is a documentary photography club with exclusively NATIONAL coverage, why? We want to strengthen photography as a document within the Spanish territory and generate a powerful nucleus of communicating photographers. A collaborative and cooperative space where you can generate your own projects, work with other photographers or produce under established themes throughout the year, always shedding light on social issues and topics.

                                                                                                                                                                                     -promoted by KörperMagazine-

Membership is completely free.

*We work through Discord, a multimedia forum in the cloud, which you can access whenever you want and chat, share experiences, and launch work proposals with other professionals. A WHOLE COMMUNITY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS CONNECTED AT ONCE!

The themes established and distributed throughout the annual calendar can only be found by registering as a member on Discord. It's super easy!




-Publication of your project in KörperMag; the review for publication will be carried out by the jury of pro-members.

-For the projects you publish in the magazine, we will provide a physical space for you to present them in public.

-Possibility to belong to pro-members under portfolio review.



-Direct and private contact with the promoters, as well as teamwork with them.

-Deciding on the topics to be discussed during the year in the Discord community.

-Direct publication in KörperMagazine and presentation in a physical space, both as a team and individually

-Audiovisual interview in podcast format on the project to be published (work in progress).

-Decision on which projects of the general members will be published in KörperMag.

-Complete profile on our website as well as in our networks

-Ideation and openness to other editorial and action projects



A first approach to the issue of homelessness in Spain


Barcelona, the city with the most pickpockets in Europe. *workinprogress


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