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“In my photography I try to capture the pallet of emotions that make us human.Since 2003, when I bought my first camera, I have worked in the Middle East, Latin America, Central and Eastern Asia, Western Africa as well as the Caucasus. The camera has not only been a creative outlet but also an increasingly important companion in a perceived need to keep the world close. Most importantly, photography has become an excellent vehicle for documenting the things I feels strongly about – my development and humanitarian work. To me, the most important aspect of my photography is to remind us that the people in the pictures are real and all share common aspirations.



North, on the military road, about 100km from Tbilisi, one finds the epicenter of a yearly manifestation of human faith. It takes place on the ​​slopes the Caucus and is an odd to an ardous journey of a shared story and religious devotion, It is the ultimate expression of tradition and a spectacle of the inherent need to marry belief with identity. This is "Lomisoba" - a feast of many meanings.

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