Ángel Armero


Mi biggest passion it's the documentary and street photography. Following the steps of the greatest photographers, Vivian Maier, Diane Arbus, Martin Parr o Dougie
Wallace, I'm going through the streets looking for the best scenes. My style is straight, Kitsch and lawbreaker.

Kashi´s Fighters


"...Though you can see some fighters having a tight training, the silence reigns the Ankhara`s area. The pehlwani combat its been alive for a long time. And the Kushti practice its far away from just a way of fighting, its a way of life, it requires a heavy physical and menthal discipline to avoid alcohol or sex, in between  so many other things.

After the training, after the fights...they get ready to reverence their god, the strenght's god, the monkey god Hanuman. You cannot see at a first view, but there, there are not real enemies, they are like brothers, like a family. Respect is the key, is what moves everything in this discipline...."

Street and documentary photographer I @angelarmero I www.angelarmero.com I angel.armero@gmail.com

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Otros proyectos

The Hyde Corner


In 1855 the british government approved the "Sunday Trading Bill" which forbid any purchase or sales on sundays, casually this was the only free day for the working class. This fact triggered lots of demostrations in Hyde Park and, at the end, they earned "the right to speak". Finally in 1872 the ordenance "Royal Parks and Garden's Act" gave the public speeches to the authorities in the park. Was on this period when the Speaker's Corner was born, a public space where there is no limits for the selfexpression and every week speakers, philosophers, curious, preachers go there to discuss about religion, politics, or any topic. 

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