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Vyacheslav Onishchenko



Vyacheslav 1988, Ukrainian street and documentary photographer from Odessa. A doctor by profession, has been engaged in photography since 2012.

Medicine through my eyes


"Medicine through my eyes"(2013-2016) was shoot in a small town, Razdel’naya, in Ukraine.( Population: 17,995 (2015). I had just graduated from the Medical University. I have to work there for 3 years.

Life before work in the hospital is carelessness. Life is full of sun and colors.

It was my first experience in medicine. Everything was so different from books. I saw sickness and suffering only in pictures in textbooks.

Documentary and street photographer I @vyacheslavonishchenko I

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Here it all surrounded me every day. It was necessary to help people, make only the right decisions. I realized that every action has consequences.

I faced the problem of poverty.

People with money are treated in Odessa. ( or other major cities) Everyone who does not have them is treated in a small hospital like mine. Books could not explain much to me. The books told me how to do it right. But where can I get these medicines? There is no money for bandage and aspirin. Life took a black and white color.

This is the story of my growing up.

Photographing I was trying to find something beautiful in the doctor's routine. My Life after the hospital- began to appreciate sleep and friends.

Part of the series was filmed on a film camera Zenit ET.


- Vyacheslav Onishchenko -

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