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Tural Rahmanli



Tural (born in Azerbaijan) is a photographer focused on the humankind points inside the politics, cultural or social issues
all over the world. In 2013 he moved to Turkey and was inn this country whereby he started his career. He got an MBA from
the Bahcesehir University and since 2016 he is collaborating with the Turkuaz Street Photographers Collective. He's now 
living between Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Çarsi Ruhu - Arcade Spirit


Supporters of Besiktas Football Club from Istambul have built an own identity which nowadays is really strong and able to make changes on the society. Founded on anarchism it's main claim says "Carsi is against everything". This group is regarded as anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-sexist, pluralist and ecologist. With their latest demonstrations they have become in the voice and conscience of the turkish society.

As remarkable facts they have done: protest against the demolition of the Gezi`s Park, one of the last green areas in Istambul, this demonstration ended with a huge fight against the authoritarianism of the Erdogan's gobernment, some of the supporters got arrested and judged for terrorism, putsch or insubordination. They also struggled against the construction of the Hasankeyf dam, or helped on the Van's earthquake making blood donations.

Street and documentary photographer I @turalrahmanli I

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