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Photo storytelling and Photozine creation for #streetphotolovers

Welcome once again to another workshop given by the KörperMagazine team!

Welcome #streetphotography and #fanzine lovers!
As a premise, we all photographers love to see our work printed on paper, don't we, in this workshop we will go further and give an artistic twist to your photographs through the photozine, a photographic book format with no fixed structure or form where you can let your imagination run wild as an editor of your own work.


Storytelling is always a trending topic when we talk about photography, but when it comes to developing it or creating a project in this respect, many of us find it difficult and we don't even know where to take it. In this workshop we are going to learn how to create a photographic narrative on the street and, what's more, we will give it a tangible outlet.

In KörperMagazine we have developed a series of very cool dynamics with which you will instantly grasp the concept.


  • TIMMING: IMPORTANT. This workshop will be held every Saturday in two sessions! Check availabilities via instagram Direct Message or email to



Starting with a talk-colloquium on the origins and development of photographic narrative (we won't go into too much detail) and with examples and techniques from the photographers who, from our point of view, work it best, we will go out into the vibrant streets of Barcelona to take photos following the dynamics we mentioned before (secret until the day of the workshop). The aim of this practice is that the storytelling concept becomes solid in your ideas, as the final objective of this first session will be to define your project, conceptualise it, layout the first ideas and, if possible, take the first photos.

*But the idea is that during the following week you will work on the photographic series you have planned. We will be at your disposal (as much as possible) throughout the week to answer any questions or help you with the photographic production.



This day we will put the camera aside and get into craft mode. Gathered together, we will all sit down together and individually present the photographic work that has been carried out during the week (important for this session you must bring your printed photographs). 

We will make an introduction about the Fanzine with its origins, development, formats, examples, etc. And let's get down to work! The Körper team will provide all the necessary material to let your imagination run wild and create your photozine based on the photographic project you have done previously.

*As in the previous session, we are developing several ways of working so that the process of building the photozine is as fluid and dynamic as possible.

  • MATERIAL REQUIRED: Camera or mobile phone (preferably camera always).

  • LOCATION: Barcelona city. We will confirm the exact location in the WhatsApp group that we will organise the days before the workshop.

  • TOTAL PRICE: 30€ both sessions

  • LANGUAGE: Spanish/English. If you are a native English speaker, it is recommended that you have the ability to understand Spanish.


THERE ARE SURPRISES! The Fanzines will be promoted through the KörperMagazine networks and the work/s that we like the most will be produced, published, promoted and distributed on our website and available for sale online, where for each sale we make, the author (you) gets a direct percentage of profits. It's time to make your work known and earn some extra money, let's make the photographic community grow!

What do we expect from this workshop?

As photographers we know perfectly well that having a project in your head, sometimes it's hard to get it off the ground, either because of embarrassment if it's portraits... or because of difficulty... or simply because of lack of motivation; and procrastination ends up becoming the axis and the construction of your project.

Having said that, we are proposing a way of working and some dynamics to show you that there are infinite photographic projects to carry out, all of them completely valid, and that even with a limited time for their production it is possible!



Photographer and designer
Author of the photobooks "Proverbios" 2022 and "La identidad es más grande que el cuerpo" 2018. Photographic teacher on her own account and associated with the KörperMagazine courses. Cultural manager specialising in the design and management of cultural events.


Photographer, designer and communicator, founder of KörperMagazine.
Management and direction of all the projects that revolve around the KM conglomerate. Teacher of photo editing at the NouProdigi film and photography school, Barcelona.


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