Electric Imminence


The railway lines draw irregular circle which old train drives in two hours. I am the onlyone who rides this circle as a Pilgrim's journey. My city train is the last place to meditateand contemplate. Who am I and in what city do I live in? Who`s near me? The train carries constantly other people to work and to home, serving the two main reflexes citizens of Kyiv - to make money and to sleep. From 6 till 10 and from 16 till 21. There are people they do not have a car. Maybe that's why there are no advertisement on thewalls of train – advertising agents are not interested in those who works only for earnmoney to buy food. Seasonal workers, petty clerks, vagabonds and the unemployedlook at each others eyes 5 days a week for an hour or more. They look out at thewindow - at a city which look at them behind the garages and street advertisements.They look at the phone at a chronically expensive world. Here everything is too clear,there no reason to lie. During one hour a day they can be honest with themselves. I amamong these people, I take photos and I think. Who am I in fact?

Photographer and journalist I @balatorn I balatorn@gmail.com

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Electric Imminence

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