Photography schools

-Qualified teachers working close to their students
-Awesome "masterclasses" by photographers from all over the world 
-The chance to collaborate with your project on many photographic festivals from Barcelona
-Focus on teamwork and "keeping the photographic soul alive"
-Perfect rate quality-price
-Organization, development and continuous tracing of your project



projects preview at the school

Location: Carrer Fontrodona 31, 08004 Barcelona


Phone: +34 9317449007

Fuga is a dedicated centre to explore the photography and the visual culture through courses, exhibitions and collaborative projects.
"There are no students here, they are partners for us"

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El Observatorio


printing room of the school

Location: Carrer Méndez Núñez 14, 08003 Barcelona Contact: 

Phone: +34 934579733

It's a private centre dedicated to teaching photography since 1985. They are focus on:
-Assuming a complete photographic education for their students
-Creating an environment moved by creativity

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students exhibition of Tradicionárius

edition in group of the projects

Location: Carrer de Camprodón 28, 08012 Barcelona


Phone: +34 669307989

Familiar and cozy, a place to learn, experiment and think about photography and the importance of the "view". Its coordinated by the photographers Eugeni Gay and
Camilla de Maffei 

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Location: Escuela Industrial, carrer Comte d'Urgell 187, 08036 Barcelona


Phone: 934941127

The purpose of this centre is to encourage, estimulate and boost the study, research and broadcasting of photography.

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