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Rosa Maria Zamarron



Rosa María Zamarrón is a Documentary Photographer from Southwest Detroit. She graduated from Grand Valley State University with a B.A in Photography, focusing primarily on Documentary/Photo-journalism.


She has exhibited in various cities such as Grand Rapids, Detroit, Austin and Rome, Italy. She is Cofounder of La sirena Studio, which is a collaborative female lead studio in southwest Detroit that provides studio space in the community. Rosa María has also collaborated with local non profits like Capture Belief and Young nation to teach photography to the youth in Southwest Detroit. She currently lives and works in Detroit, Michigan.

Sacred Eyes


"In November 2016 I traveled to North Dakota to photograph the Pipeline Protests on the lands that are sacred to the Lakota (...)"

(source: "The Guardian") The Native American protests against the Dakota Access pipeline have become an international rallying cry for indigenous rights and climate change activism, drawing thousands to the rural area of Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

As the controversial oil pipeline approaches the river that the Standing Rock Sioux tribe fears it will contaminate – and as a militarized police force continues to engage in tense standoffs with demonstrators – here is what we know so far.

Look for the full info on The Guardian's article:

*¿Who the Lakota are? 

A selfknown village who lives in the north of the Missouri River. They belong to the Sioux tribe; they have been doing nomadism through the time, but today they are based in this area.

Fotógrafa documental I @the_zamarron I I

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Kereama Te Ua, came in solidarity as a Maori from New Zealand


Looking onto Turtle Island, a Native American Burial Ground


Brian 30's


Crossing the creek to Turtle Island, November 24, 2016


On the right: Talon Voice, 19, with Rowdy


Desiree 20's


Desiree's friend who chose to remain anonymous


Don Alejandro, came in solidarity as an elder from an indigenous group from Mexico


Turtle Island, November 24, 2016


Daniel Rodriguez, 20's

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