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Personalized Portrait Photography Workshop

Welcome once again to another event run by the KörperMagazine team!

In this workshop we will dive into professional portrait photography, where we will develop a CUSTOM photographic project for each student, with personal support and guidance throughout the whole process.
This course will be taught by Iván Limanovsky (@ivan_limanovsky) professional photographer, specialised in social photography, and photography and lighting teacher at NouProdigi school; together with the director and founder of KörperMagazine (@korper.mag). Please read carefully 


  • OBJECTIVE: To create a powerful and personalised portrait photography project for each student.

  • TIMMING: IMPORTANT, as an estimation (everything will depend on the number of participants) this course will be held between the 18th of February and the 18th of March, both days for ALL participants from 10h to 14h. Between these two dates we will dedicate a personalised timming for each student where we will carry out the photographic production.

  • LOCATION: The two shared and face-to-face classes will take place at the Nou Prodigi School, Maragall area, Barcelona. For the photo production sessions we will use locations depending on the demand of each student. We have a fully equipped photography studio in case you want to specialise in a professional portrait series.

    SESSION 1, 18 FEBRUARY: In this shared session we will give a master class on portrait photography and its journey, and we will begin to draw up a conceptual map of what we want to do. The aim will be to leave the session with a first idea of a project.
    INTERMEDIATE SESSIONS BETWEEN 18 FEBRUARY AND 18 MARCH: Once the personal project plan has been drawn up, we will "sit down with each student" and draw up a plan for conceptualisation and photographic production, with the days and locations for its realisation.
    FINAL SESSION 18 MARCH: We will meet again in a shared session to show and tell the story of the project.

*NOTE: Once again, KörperMagazine is open to the production, promotion and sale of fanzines with the resulting projects.

  • MATERIAL: Camera, it is necessary to already have some basic notions in the use of the camera.

  • LANGUAGE: Spanish/English

  • PRICE: 180€ for the complete course

    If the minimum number of participants is not reached, a full refund will be given to those who have booked a place.


What do we expect from this workshop?

Portrait photography is often reduced to the basics, but the reality is quite different and it has infinite fields, varieties, and projects to explore. That said, we want to change this conception and show the real power of portrait photography and that is why we have decided to launch a workshop where, from the general perspective, each of you will generate an individual project with all our support and tutelage.


Thank you for your message!

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