La Calle Es Nuestra


Streets are light, colour, bustle and loneliness.
Streets smell,you can listen it, you can touch it. We feel the streets and we catch it's personality, it's people,
buildings, suburbs, it's moistured walls and reflections. We take the streets.
Collective formed in march 2017, we want to spread our world, to learn and participate in the promotion of street


Photography by @joseluisbarcia


​OBSERVE is an international photography collective focused primarily on the practice of candid street photography. 
Spanning four continents we are united by a common fascination with watching and documenting the diverse humanity that surrounds us.


Photography by @Davidhorton1010

Burn My Eye

"In a world huddling under a constant deluge of throwaway imagery BME seeks to provide thoughtful and informed 
photographic consideration of our circumstances, a way to see past superficiality and pretension, to burn through society's veneer and truly see."


Photography by @barrytalis

Balkan Collective

BULB Photos and SCP promote surrealist, street and expressive photography in the Balkans and beyond.

"The Collective is a group of photographers in the Balkans area who meet regularly for inspiration, education and fellowship. Shared knowledge and vision, and the mutual review and exhibition of new work, shall serve to explore and promote fine art photography."


Photography by @patrulescustela

Street Hunters

Street Hunters like us, start seeing things in another perspective. We become vigilant, prone to details and curious about everything. We see beauty amongst ugliness and evil amongst beauty. It is like someone removed the blinds from 
our eyes.


Photography by @zeryaden

Calle 35

MANIFEST: "Thousands stories fade away the meanwhile everyone is attending to it's own circunstances.
However, as far as we see the world starts at the moment you leave your door home and it ends as far as our walks end.
We love taking instant moments, that one whereby our view becomes unique.


Photography by @camachoph

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