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Born in France, Oswald Wittower has been a freelance photographer for 10 years and, after living in different countries such as Kyrgyzstan or the United States, is currently based in Tokyo, Japan, a country he has always had a firm interest in, being an admirer of many japanese photographers, authors, musicians and directors. His work displays a mystique of figures and matters, somewhere between analog and digital photography, where he often uses a novel technique based on chemicals, knives and fires to give a deeper sense of texture to the images. His work is characterized by sudden and abstract movements, fleeting shadows cohabiting with the concreteness of what the eyes can absorb. Dreams and nightmares, fantasies and disillusions, strong monochromes opposed to brighter landscapes, all composing with the mere and overwhelming idea of reality. Strongly believing that what we tend to think as such is just a superficial layer, he has always worked towards what might be behind: what is invisible but, sometimes, can be felt. Fascinated by ghosts of all kinds, the sole idea of communication (and its impossibility) and the mysteries of the world(s), inner and outer, he travels through those to - hopefully - find some glimpses of beauty.



Dasein is a german word that is often translated as “being there”, and ultimately refers to the very nature of the existence of human beings in the outside and inside world of theirs. I believe there are distinctive and numerous strings that link us to higher things and ideas, leading us in peculiar paths through various and sometimes unusual branchings : we call them faith, fear, hope. We call them love, hate, joy. But fundamentally there is this infinite paradox of being inside the world among others and being completely alone in the end.

In this extract of my wider project, I wanted to suggest a graphic perception of that kind of overwhelming feeling through ghostly figures, whether real or not, human or not, living or not.


Portrait and landscape photographer I @oswaldwittower I www.oswaldwittower.com I oswaldwittower@gmail.com 

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