Information all around documentary and artistic photography.


All the updates in public photography exhibitions here in Barcelona. It's included a short list of the most important showcases in Spain and around the world.

Espacio Fotocolectania - Owner's image


Barcelona is a really good place to come and study photography at any level, here you will find a selection of our favorites schools, both specialized in documentary and artistic photography.

FUGA school - image by the owner


Making contacts, showcasing your works or simply watching other photographer's work...Here you have our favorite
photographic festivals here in Barcelona.

credit: - Utopia Markets Festival


Looking for the big push to become a professional photographer? Here you will find the most important photography contests around the world. Work hard cause winning any of these contests will drive you up.

Weimin Chu, 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest


We want to extra broascast and push professional photographers and filmmakers whose task is having a greater social impact.Here we have full interviews with these photoghraphers telling us what they do and how they do it further.

The TaleBrothers, Matt Sclarandis and Riccardo Bianco…radesh India


Street Photography has become one of the most popular photography style through the years. We let you here our favorites street photography collectives. Check it out!

Featured photography at Burn My Eye collective. Author: TC Lin @taominglin

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