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Lydia Metral  is a self-taught photographer born in Grenoble (France) in 1986 and based between Paris and Barcelona. After having studied economics and worked for two years in the private sector she decided to focus on photography. In 2014 she left Paris for Barcelona to study a postgraduate degree in Photography and Editorial Design at EINA (Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona) and in 2018 she decided to concentrate on fashion by studying a fashion photography course.. She focuses her personal photography projects on intimacy. Her work has been exhibited and projected during collective exhibitions in France and Europe : Beaurepaire Gallery (2012, Paris), La Jetée gallery (Marseille, 2015) Espacio Barra de Ferro (Barcelona, 2015), Helsinki Photo Festival (Helsinki, 2017), La Nuu (Rubí, 2019). She is working as a freelance photographer between Paris and Barcelona for several clients (Mairie de Paris, Caixa Obra Social, Marie Claire, Forbes, etc). and since 2019 she has been focusing on creating fashion editorials. Her work has been published in online and print magazines



«Lovestruck» means being literally hit by love. The series «Lovestruck» illustrates an idealised love that is passionate and obsessive. It is a romantic walk, a fiction built around intimate fleeting moments photographed over the period of a year before or after making love.

«Lovestruck» is a sequence of contemplative photos of what it means to be loved in moments of abandon, a love story that is both unique and universal, punctuated by moments of solitude and introspection. It is the account of a love captured in time where the photographer is both observer and participant.

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