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Documentary Film

"I was sexually abused three times by all three of my uncles. And after they opened that door to my world, every time I walked through the city centre, a man would go by and touch me inappropriately.".


"The first uncle that abused me was in Bangladesh. I was six or seven or something like that. And then another uncle came to stay and he actually went further" (...)

Love Rebekah 09217.jpg

Her children no longer live with her

Love Rebekah 00514.jpg

Her mental ill health ensures Rebekah lives on her own. The father of her second son took both of her boys, including her eldest son, into his care. No longer being able to be there for her boys, she's grateful both of them were raised in a stable household.

"Of course I want to be there for my sons. Of course I wanted to be in their lives, but when you're in and out of hospital every two and a half years..."

[...] "About two years ago, after my suicide attempt, and I lost the plot, and my daughter went into boyfriend at the time called the police, and I told him to give me some space because it was him who triggered me... so I kind of lost my head and I had my hair braded gold like that (points to a painting) ...I went off to Brighton and by the time I came back I found my door had been kicked down by the police and then locked up and I couldn't get in..."

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...memories come and go. travel to another time in a matter of seconds...

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Documentary Film by Maximiliano Braun

Music: Sacha Puttnam

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