Isabelle Fioroni


"Isabelle Fioroni (b.1994, Italy) is a photographer based in Stockholm.
She studied philosophy at the University of Stockholm.
The main theme of her work is human condition. She uses an intimate approach by revealing the nature of what makes us human.
Her fascination with silence and words has occupied a crucial role during her childhood. The need to tell stories starts early in her life which, later, brings her into beginning an artistic career. 
In 2019 she worked as still photographer for the film Penumbra.
Her work has been exhibited at Centrum för fotografi in Stockholm.
Isabelle is currently working on Silent Rain, a project that will investigate the role of language and how it sets the foundation for who we become. The project will take place in Ukraine and will focus on a child with communication disorder."

Five days of childhood


The photographies were born during a filmshooting where I worked as a still photographer. I created my own universe in someone's else fantasy world. During the shooting i particularly connected with a kid named Dedalo whose was starring the film and he become the main character of my own history.

Documentary and artistic photographer I I @isabellefioroni I

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