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Opinion Piece

Monday 14 of December 2020


Slaves of the system: HYPERSUMERS

The act of consuming has become a social duty, it is the most important phenomenon that allows us to identify, relate to and integrate into a given social group (...)


Thursday 25 of June 2020


The TaleBrothers

Matt Sclarandis and Ricardo Bianco, two inseparable friends who are fighting to create a more equitable world.
"For the first time, you are the one who chooses how history ends."



Monday 26 of October 2020


Hadi Mohseni

Freelance photographer. 
"I am a political refugee and I tell the life stories of refugees living in Iran."


Opinion Piece

Thursday 18 of February 2021

Life from a Lower Perspective

Staring at shoes, or dealing with abuse?

Poverty-stricken people. We know they exist, yet we are eager to deny the actuality of this controversial topic.

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