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Wednesday 5 of May 2021

FILL THE FRAME - Documentary Film

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"An outstanding masterpiece that will force you to get out in the streets and start shooting pictures."

Carlos Vidal - Chief KörperMag

Fill The Frame is a documentary film directed, produced and edited by the talented TIM HUYNH. This film follows 8 talented contemporary streetphotographers through the streets of New York:  Jonathan Higbee, Dimitri Mellos, Lauren Welles, Mathias Wasik, Melissa Breyer, Melissa O’Shaughnessy, and Paul Kessel.

Tim delves into how these photographers work and conducts a comprehensive study of the phenomenon of streetphotography in recent years. The director completes this circle of analysis with commentary from great masters of street photography who have stood out throughout history in New York City: Sandra Phillips, Colin Westerbeck, Jeff Mermelstein, Richard Sandler, Matt Weber, Meryl Meisler, y Michael Ernest Sweet.

Today there has been an unprecedented boom in streetphotography and millions of images are uploaded daily to social media. Due to the democratisation of photography and the technological boom of mobile phones, virtually anyone can take a good photograph.


For professional photographers this can be a huge handicap, but otherwise standing out from this vast river of images becomes a challenge, which, when achieved, turns the author of the photographs into a true master.


Thus, with this documentary full of contrasts between analogue/digital, working methods and photographic styles, Tim Huynh brings us closer to those images that, with a visual slap in the face, force us to stop and take them out of the mass, and to look at them closely. These reproductions are authentic works of art composed by masters of photography. 


Behind the scenes with Paul Kessel

Some of the features you will find at the film


  • Director, Producer, Editor: Tim Huynh

  • Director of Photography: Jessica Gallegos

  • Assistant Camera: Ayden Byrnes

  • BTS Photographer: Eugene Lee

  • Sound Design: Pacific Music Productions

  • Design: Ash Branding

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