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Thursday 8 of April 2021


Type: Experimental

Giovanni Clorusso, who has previously published Luce Vaqua with us, presents VOCI, an experimental video that he uses as a thread to represent the publication of his latest photography book.

<<Demons are the only subject that seem to be worth anyone’s time. Demons and their disturbances in the world. Here I shall speak of mine.

This is a book about an invisible light, from which I was often able to recall a series of images - let’s call them worlds - where a multitude of voices could be heard. Voices too loud to be preserved in the mind and too volatile to be apprehended. Voices that can’t be simply silenced. Like demons, they belong to nowhere and tell of the unknown.


Imagine you never knew the colour of the sky, or never saw trees and light. Let these worlds pass through your eyes unconsciously.>>

Check the full project and info on:

Thursday 15 of april 2021


Type: Experimental - Documentary

This is a video experiment on censorship. It is the space that slips in between information (true or false) what we don't want to see or hear. The violence of words on the beauty of a body. We asked the women to write on their bodies words that would have hurt them: female and racial discrimination, judgements. This body, which belongs to them, takes on a new meaning, and they often write these hurtful words to distance themselves, to free themselves. Generally, the images of women that circulate in magazines and on networks are always based on fantasy. What is important is what we don't want to see in this maelstrom of information that numbs us. We wanted to wake up the consumers of news that we are. The information that these women transmit is so important, these testimonies moved me so much that we wanted to make an artistic proposal, a score to bring their truths to life.

PRODUCTION: Florence Pierre @flopie_two and Gordon Spooner @gordon.spooner

[Florence Pierre and Gordon Spooner
Creative duo: An art director designer, photographer and painter + A great cinematographer (1m85) of feature films and also a photographer. Finding creative solutions for advertising and other clients has always been an exciting challenge for Florence Pierre. Looking for ideas and finding them made me move naturally towards realisation. To make the design team even stronger, I needed the additional eye of Gordon Spooner. His experience in film gives strength to the direction, and his eye gives the image a personality that suits the different productions.]

Monday 9 of may 2022


TYPE: Experimental Documentary by Anna Mars

“Symbolic Reflection of the War”
“FACE OF WAR” is a video art manifest which contains two parts. In this video I tried to reflect the true face of War. The work was created in May 2021. This is my premonition of the events taking place today. In this work, I try to touch those people who believe that war is normal. I
wanted to reflect the horror of war in one person and reflect the consequence of it.

Face of war I

“History repeats itself”

In second part, I used a military chronicle taken during the pogrom in Lvov in 1941. The painting used in the film is the work of artist Igor Makarov, whose grandmother survived the Holocaust and survived in a concentration camp. I created this work in May 2021. At that time the II world war catastrophe was occupied my mind and I was wondering why the history of mankind contains such inhuman events. I created this work primarily because I wanted to say “the Second World War showed that there were no winners in it, everyone lost and it cost millions of human lives. This cannot be repeated and must not repeated. Man should not stand against man. And war only brings death to women, men and children. War is hell.” Then I did not think that this work was my premonition of today's events. However, nowadays I consider this work is very much relevant.

(The work uses the music of Alfred Schnitke "Requiem". In one of his interviews, Alfred Schnitke called himself a "German Jew" and was sensitive about the history of the Holocaust)


Mars Anna Olegovna

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Face of War II

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