Exhibitions in Barcelona

Carlos Pérez Siquier

Carlos Pérez photography

Location: Fundación Mapfre, Barcelona

Price: 3€

Term: from 14 february till 17 of may 2020


This exhibition shows all the artwork done by Carlos from 1957 till 2018. In 2003 was honored with the National Prize of Photography. At the end was recognised
as one of the colour photography pioneers and next to the Spanish neorealism.


More info: https://www.fundacionmapfre.org/fundacion/es_es/exposiciones/sala-casa-garriga-nogues/carlos-perez-siquier.jsp

Daido Moriyama. A diary

Photo by Daido

Location: Foto Colectania

Price: 4€

Term: from 12 of march till 21 of june 2020


Daido Moriyama won in 2019 the prestigious Hasselblad prize. His photos totally reflect the life in the city and the chaos of the common existence. He works between the reality and surrealism.


More info: http://www.fotocolectania.org

Cámara y ciudad. La vida urbana en la fotografía y el cine

Brassaï. Night in Paris

Location: CaixaFórum, Barcelona

Price: 6€

Term: till 8 of March 2020


Exhibition in collab with CaixaForum and Centre Pompidou. It shows photographers and cinematographers from the 20century that were focus on urban landscapes, the metropolis and the city. The streets as a social, politic and a comedian backstage. In that moment was born de street photography. You will find art works by photographers as Brassaï, Cartier-Bresson, Barbara Probast, etc. 


More info: <https://caixaforum.es/es/barcelona/p/camara-y-ciudad-la-vida-urbana-en-la-fotografia-y-el-cine_a581881>.

Chema Madoz

Photography of the exhibition

Location: Joan Prats gallery, Barcelona

Price: Free entry

Term: from 11 of february till 28 of march 2020


It's presents artworks from 2012 till 2018. It is said that his black and white photographies are made with a strong sense of cleaning and fineness.
He basically makes real poetry with just common objects.


More info: https://www.galeriajoanprats.com/es/chema-madoz/

Exhibitions in Spain

Richard Learoyd

Exhibition by Richard Learoyd

Colita ¡Porque si!

Exhibition Colita ¡porque si!

Location: Fundación Mapfre. Sala Bárbara of Braganza. Madrid

Price: 3€

Term: till 24 of May 2020


51 artworks from the last 10 years. His large pictures full of pictoric references will blow your mind. Those are a result of a shutter process with a camera obscura 
made by himself.


More info: <https://www.fundacionmapfre.org/fundacion/es_es/exposiciones/historico/2019/richard-learoyd/>.

Chema Madoz. La naturaleza de las 


Chema Madoz exhibition.

Location: Pabellón Villanueva del real Jardín Botánico.  Madrid

Price: Included with the entry for Jardín Botánico

Term: till 1 of Mrch 2020


Work by the artist from 1982 to 2018, a total of 62 photographies. A chat with the nature, associations, metamorphosis, combinations and parenthoods.


More info:  


David Goldblatt. On the mines

Exhibition "on the mines"

Location: CDAN, Beulas foundation, Huesca

Price: Free entry

Term: till 21 of April 2020


This author exhibits the estructures, job systems and the living conditions of the gold mines from Southafrica. 


More info: http://redaragon.elperiodicodearagon.com/agenda/fichaevento.asp?id=104631

Location: Andaluz Center of photography, Almería

Price: Free entry

Term: till 1 of March 2019


Analog exhibition by Isabel Steva Hernández, a catalan photographer, from the 60s till today. It shows photographies, eight videos and an interview to Colita.


More info: <http://www.centroandaluzdelafotografia.es/>.

Mujeres fotógrafas. Una historia contada a medias.

Exhibition Mujeres fotógrafas

Location: Tabacalera, art promotion, Madrid

Price: free entry

Term: till 12 ofApril 2020


It shows the photographic projects from 9 spanish women photographers, from different generations and styles. It analyses the life situation of these artists in their photographies and their evolution into the femenine representations in a period of feminist raise.


More info: https://www.promociondelarte.com/tabacalera/

Jesús Madriñán. I am light.

Exhibition by Jesus madriñan. I am light

Location: Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo, A Coruña

Price: Free entry

Term: till 1of March 2020


His work is focus on make the portrait as a link for the psycologic gendre and typology file. He uses a big camera film. This project wants to give a view to the reality of the Santiago's Way and its pilgrims


More info: <http://cgac.xunta.gal/ES/exposicion-detalle/98/madri%C3%B1an_es#ad-image-1>.

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