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Monday 14 of december of 2020


Slaves of the System: HYPERSUMERS

Unreals, naive and passives; hyper-estimulaed and confused by a giant that developed an extrem consumerism society. That’s how we are facing capistalism. A social and economyc system driven by the orchestration of it’s slaves, you and me.

The addiction for consumerism is that big enough that only the try for stop buying stuff just for a while could make us sick mentally and physically

It took place on the 20th Century, after the Second World War, the massive culture rise, on the highlights of the Industry Revolution and finally with MASS PRODUCTION, when this giant stole the souls of the people living a broken life, in it’s hardest period; a society which it’s main purpose was gainning social appreciation inside the community. Was in this time when Erich Fromm already developed the concept Homo Consumens, on 20th century! Then what’s going on nowadays?! Let’s see it.

It’s been clearly changing over the years, we have unvolved from a system ruled by the equation production-consumerism (minimally focus on real needs) to another particularly slaver whereby the focal point is consumerism. The act of purchase has become a social must, today it’s the most important act that allows us identify, connect and relate ourselves to a particular social group. Basically the current system simplifies a person in five words “YOU ARE WHAT YOU HAVE”. It’s true that this form it’s been existing the entire life, but is different, it’s been too much fueled and looks like people left behind themselves our main carácter, the reasoning.

Capitalism only speaks for those people with primay needs covered, only focusing on the well known named by Maslow, the self-fulfilment (basically aspirations and desires); this fact enhance the tyranny of the system because a terrible percentage of the world population DO NOT HAVE PRIMARY NEEDS COVERED, leaving these people outside of any social inclusion or acceptance.


Another of the sick aspects of capitalism is the PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE, consumerism society flows into the “nothing is forever, everything is replaceable for something better”, we could resum our society as a community of “USING AND THROWING AWAY” (by the way this is a fact absolutely untenable for the environment, but we will about it later). Planned obsolescence theory firms that every product or service has a expiry date for it’s correct use, or manufacture products on slow quality in purpose to have the obligation to renovate it in a short period of time with another purchase. It¡s not a coincidence that you have to change your phone almost every year, that was already planned to be like that. It’s not coincidence either the overstated development of technology...”IS NOT FOR YOUR WELFARE, IT’S BECAUSE OF YOU CONSUMING AGAIN”.


They have forced us to live in an HEDONIST SOCIETY needed of consumerism of products and services; they have teached us that “living the life” is owning more and more products, and finding instantaneous pleasure. The flurry of our society it’s stepped by the “tic-tac-tic-tac” of consumerism.

On the other hand, blinded by satisfaying an artificial need companies are creating, advetising becomes the brain of all of this unnecessary machinery.


Every believe that purchases drive us straight away to the welfare is just a huge fallacy developed by corporations. At the end is the advetising the one which is boosting us to the purchase act introducing in our minds thoughts as “Today I deserve it”, “it’s just today”, “come on it’s our free day!”.

Focused on PRODUCTION OF WISHES, this industry has been developing it’s operation, today is extremely accurate and it’s hitting where it hurt us the most; deceive us with surreal images and words making us to believe that this products have the power to boost till the highest social inclusion. We are talking about beauty, luxury products, search of the eternal youth, etc.

The obsession with a perfect body and the chance to catch the fame have become in one the first consumerism sources

Wether we are born or been adapted we still do not realize that the equation is still the same; advertising gets into our mind through hundreds of media and tamper systems, even through our subconscious. Social media, influencers, massive media, streamming, discounts, blackfiday, videogames...the message, customed or not, is always the same BUY, BUY AND BUY.

On the 21th century human being has left the existence as itself, Homo it’s just dissapearing and a new evolutionary ladder ruled by the chaos of consumerism and anxiety is running our new age. WE ARE HYPERSUMERS.





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