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Monday 29 of March 2021


Type: Documentary - Artistic

Two young artists from Barcelona: Vanessa Roca (photographer, 1990) and Diana Glatz (writer, 1995), present Quarantine, an autobiographical story of three women who lived together the confinement in a shared flat in Barcelona and who, in one way or another, had to make do in order to survive not only the pandemic, but also themselves.


It is shot with a classic Hi8 home video camera and with a markedly homemade aesthetic, as the circumstances dictated. It is a morning of looking out the window, an afternoon of tarot reading and an evening of wine; a record of everyday scenes that, without direction or text, made lighter the period of pause, silence and isolation in which we were immersed from one day to the next.

More info check their networks

VANESSA @vanessaroca

DIANA @diana.glatz

Sunday 28 of may 2021


Type: Documentary

Rebekah has been trying to recover from the traumatic events that shaped her life and behaviour for the better part of 50 years. "Love, Rebekah" takes you into the intimacy of her journey of love, relationships and her mental illness. She shares intimate moments of her everyday life: her thoughts, feelings and emotions that allow you to witness the pain and the stigma of mental illness.

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Monday 14 of June 2021


Type: Documentary

In an effort to use her tragic story as a catalyst for change, Ana Wagner began advocating for children’s civil rights in New York State. Despite the demands of motherhood, the demands of marriage, cultural oppression, and the haunting memory of her devastating experience, Ana is doing what she once wasn’t able to as a child - fight.

Directed by: MEGAN MILLER

Director's Note

Two years after the film's completion in 2017, the Child Victims Act passed in January 2019 after Democrats finally claimed the New York Senate majority. Victims of childhood sexual abuse in New York state can now bring criminal charges against their alleged attacker until age 28, and file a civil suit until age 55 (previously, the age has been 23 for both accounts). The law also provided a 'look-back-window" for one year, giving survivors an opportunity to revive expired claims under the previous statute. This look-back-window is no longer in effect.

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