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Daniela rocha




Daniela Rocha is a young photographer from Portugal. Since her early ages she was fascinated with everything that we can call “art”. As a child she spent a lot of time drawing using the traditional pencil and paper, however, later in her life she realized that light is also a tool to draw
and that was the turning point. Photography began as a hobby and step by step the curiosity grew. She left her steady job to pursue the desire of knowing what it is to be a photographer and what photography really means. Fine art, documentary and fashion photography is were she feels more comfortable to work, three different places in photography that give her what she is looking for: the freedom to show what she feels and use image as a critic.

Artistic Photographer I I @danielalrocha

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Established Pain


A short study about how anxiety can destroy what’s inside our mind.

In a blink of an eye, some abstract idea or an speculative thought can open te door to the world of emotional and physical pain. You can see the storm coming directly to you and at first it can be easy to ignore, you stand there with your arms crossed feeling that this time you’ll win the battle however what was a little background noise becomes all you can hear. It takes you the point where you feel that there is nothing you can do, just watch yourself lose control of your own thoughts. It’s impossible to know what’s real and what’s not, your skin is all there exposed to this monster that can leave scars on your body and soul.

You just wait for the moment when the light comes in and you feel in control again. 




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