Daniela Pafundi


Photographer formed in Fuga and IDEP Barcelona, CEIC, EDAF, Motivarte, El Mirador and the workshops from Valeria Bellusci, Carlos Furman, Silvia Berkoff, Guadalupe Miles, Juan Travnik y Eulalia Valldosera and others. Certified in Research and documentary photographic conservation at the University of Philosophy of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She showcased individually "La forma de las cosas que vendrán"(2014), "Despierta"(2013), "El desierto inquieto" with the other photographer Daniela Trabuchi(2013); and other exhibitionsat the Palermo University, Centro Cultural Matienzo, Stripart and Photogenic Festival.
She took part at the Semana de Descubrimientos PHE 2017. She earn a schoolarship for the course Seguimiento de proyectos by Marta Daó at FUGA Barcelon(2018-2019) and for the course Fotografía Documental de Autor at El Observatorio(2019-2020)

The whisper of the imagery


This project was born on the search for occupying the space between two moments: the one while falling slept and the one of being completely slept; between the reality and surrealism, the visible and the unvisible. It makes an unclear mix of time and space producing this way loops, unconnections, flashes. All of these natures are making the all visual poetry which sometimes speaks on whispers, and sometimes screams. The imagery speaks by itself. The conflicts do the all assembly.

Author photographer I www.danielapafundi.wixsite.com/danielapafundi I @danipafundi I danipafundi@gmail.com

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The whisper of the imagery

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