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Claudia orsetti



Claudia is a multifaceted photographer based in Amsterdam. She has always been shooting while travelling, looking for a new story to tell or surreal moody landscape to portray What interests her are things next to what is considered to be photographed, the obvious things, the imprecise moments without expectations, the reality where you think there is nothing to see. “Photography is the way I know to really show other people how I see things.

It's a way of knowing places and people and their stories, but also knowing myself, over and over again, as I realized my focus shifts and mutates with time. “

She has been organizing exhibitions in London, and her photos are regularly published by a number of digital platforms and magazines.

Iran is pink


 Iran is Pink, and is using the color pink as a thread to talk about women's rights, in the complex contest of Iran. The color pink is usually associated with women; it has been a sign of fragile femininity and domesticity since the 40s, but in reaction to that objectification of the woman, from the 70s onwards pink has become a sign of revolution, a strong socio-political statement. From being feminine to be feminist.


The Maharlu lake, a seasonal salt lake (hence pink) a few km south of Shiraz, where Iranians go to hang out ; the place is so vast, that if you walk few hundreds meters towards the centre of the dried land, no one can see you anymore, so people meet here to enjoy some sort of freedom: women can lower the hijab on their shoulder, friends can spend some time together away from the controlling eyes of the police, lovers can hold each others hand.


"I've then linked photos of other things, trying to portray the different shapes of that controversial symbol that is the hijab: a cape to be hidden, a scarf annoyingly worn by tourists, a visible touch of femininity worn proudly under the black abaya, till looking at it in its most innocuous form as a cotton thread. The fabric shops were an interesting subject for me because of the contrast between the flowery and colourful textiles with the hundred shades of black."

Documentary photographer I I @claudia_orsetti_photography I

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