Maria Clara


My name is Maria Clara. I am a 22 year old film photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My photography focuses on female identities, transmitting their desires, worries and giving them a space in the art of film photography to express themselves.

My work centers in latinxs mostly Argetinians in different enviroments such as their homes, nature, the streets, doing whatever they like.

All my photographs are taken with a Pentax K1000 I inherited from my dad.

A story in the river


I really enjoy capturing the privacy, this time I'm catching a wonderful friendship in the middle of the nature. A landscape which is being interrumpted by woman, a couple of friends transmitting through it their feelings and their world. you can see a wide of pink tones, purple and blues which are overunning the images
where the body is mixing up with the sky and the river. It´s a all state of dreams.


Artistic and documentary photographer I @clara.latemplanza / @maria.clara.clara I

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A story in the river 

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