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With Arno Fischer and Sibylle Bergemann, Carla Pohl learned photography at a young age. Since 2016 she has been supported and accompanied in her profession by the photographer Gundula Schulze Eldowy. She studied art history and literature at the Free University of Berlin, graduating with a Magister Artium.
For Carla Pohl, photography is transformation - the connection between yesterday and today, now and tomorrow. It heals the past and shows the moment in the now. It connects people and nature, connects woman and man, female and male. These are the basic principles of her work and she applies them to every assignment and project. She prefers to address social issues that are often not so popular and therefore need transformation.

Echorauschen (echo noise)


What kind of primitive woman speaks to her? It's her own primal feminine. A she-wolf and a woman who are both parts of her. Actually, they are her. Through the injuries and the confrontations with the injuries, woman and primeval woman have become stronger. The primeval woman lives with hurt. She burns it and transforms it into something new, into an elemental force - an original femininity.

The injuries were not caused by men alone - no, women also contribute their part. At the age of 14, she was called a whore by the partner of the man who sexually abused her. A few years later, another man grabs her between her legs without being asked, in a moving car in the back seat for at least 10 minutes. The two women (driver and passenger) do nothing, say nothing and do not come to help. The primeval woman in the young girl has no say, can do nothing for her. If she lets it happen, she turns away.

Documentary and artistic photographer I @carla_pohl_fotografie I

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The young girl - now no longer young, but a woman - faces the injuries. She makes contact with her primeval woman and asks: Where were you? She was still young herself, she answers and had to develop first, but now, now she is here. Stronger than ever before. She creates something new - just walking through the lava, without fear, just allowing. Accept the injuries. This is the murmur and the echo at the same time.
The primeval woman also explains that hurt and vulnerability are a big part of her strength. It is one of her strengths among the many others.

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