Areti Alexandraki


I am an obsessive collector of moments· simple, everyday ones but unrepeatable moments that compose my personal, symbolic and lonely journey through life. So photography is my way of being alone, walking through myself and searching my inner world in looking for my soul.
(Physical education teacher based in Agrinio, Greece)

Artistic Photographer I @aaretialex I

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(my lucid dreams)


Since I was a child, I have had an obsession with the magic that the boundary between reality and fiction exudes.Nothing fascinates me more than their union. Carried away by the seductive aura of this otherworldly boundary, I dive into my deepest and utterly uncharted waters, dragging up from my bottom the weirdest and most erratic faces, creatures and things, in order to discover through them what is written where I do not appear…
My third eye, the photographic one, gives expression to my visual unconscious and brings me closer to my intangible



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