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Andrea Boccalini



He began his career with reportage, working on various projects in Guatemala, on child labour and movements against the exploitation of mineral resources. Was at this point when his passion for photography started.

When he lived in New York, he came into contact with the most excellent jazz musicians in the world. His shots have been the subject of exhibitions and workshops, and were published on national and international magazines.

Voted the best Italian jazz photographer for five years with the Readers Poll Jazzit Award.

He was the first Italian Leica ambassador. Seven years ago, he started to follow with his Leica stories on the fringes, bringing back the dignity of the people who live in both urban and social peripheral contexts.

Because of his aptitude for storytelling through portraiture, he was chosen in 2019 by the MAXXI Foundation for the Welcome project - bringing art into schools.

Nowadays we could highlight his many works that he has done in advertising or fashion photography.

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Franco is an invisible Homeless. During the day he works a lot to make some money, and during the night he sleeps in the waiting room of the emergency department, sometimes inside empty buses. He is 58 years old and 11 years ago he did loose both partner and job. The exwife relatives drove him from the house where he invested all his money and effort to renovate it. From that day he began to live in a garage where he still rests few objects, and where he can take a shower, then in the street. in recent years has failed to get public housing and is waiting to turned 65 years old, and access to pension money and he will benefit of the 27 years of contributions for his old work. The only memory of his past is one picture of a lunch with his wife and some friends.

Photographer and Storyteller I @andreaboccaliniphoto I

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