Ana Cara


Ana, 1993, La Mojonera (Almería, Spain). I cannot remember my first touch with photography but, I'm a millennial so, that was on my early childhood for sure. However I can remember when i bought my first camera, this day was in 2013. Since then, i've been using it in two different ways, for express such a common things as some lights on the wall, as body procedures. Sometimes, i'm trying to focus in what kind of photography i'm feeling comfier, and i would say that my purpose is to reflect social issues that i worry about.

Plastic Sea


I can barely see an area thorugh the fog, full of rubbish and some dried plants. i cannot even read the advert written down on a couple woods "It is forbidden throw rubbish". It seems im not the only one who can't...
Since this last trip to Almeria (Spain), i have never realized about the mount of organic waste hidden into the greehouses. 
Just imagine...cause Almería is around 30000 hectares. Its a plastic sea which is growing with no control. 

Artistic and documentary photographer I @anafeis

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